Firewalk is today a powerful feature of human resource development plan in many companies.. Firewalk provides a strong and positive experience for the group to gather around.

Listen … make decisions … acting

It teaches people to rely and act on their intuition and feeling, and gives people a direct experience of their own strength and capacity.
Each one faces to take full responsibility for themselves in a tight situation.


In our firewalking, we work closely with nature. This type of firewalking, which is originated from the Indian tradition, is a magically beautiful adventure with myths, songs and drums.
An experience filled with joy, cooperation and tension. Let the firewalk be part of your conference, modeled on the topic you are working with. A firewalking takes about three hours and is at its most beautiful when it is dark.
Focusing on areas such as leadership and team development, we develop completely new methods. Methods whose ultimate aim is to go beyond our ordinary limits, see new possibilities and open minds to change. The methods are drawn from primitive people of knowledge, mainly the North American Indians.


“The same magical feeling every year. Meeting the fire with Peter and Tina’s beauty. Outer beauty. It is beautiful. Inner Beauty. The senses glisten. Maybe we remember the fire, the drums and the dark. The trinity, which in eternity brought the flock together. Donated lights. Donated heat. Donated togetherness. Yes, maybe it’s some of this Peter and Tina bring out when we gather around the fire. What else could it be that captures 30 busy executives absolute attention for several hours? ”

Dr. Kjell A. Nordström,
Assistant Professor, Institute of International Business, Stockholm School of Economics. Founder of the school’s most advanced management program, the Advanced Management Program, AMP.

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